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A Researcher's Guide to Scientific and Medical Illustrations

Mary H. Briscoe

Springer, 1ª edição, 1990
ISBN: 978-3540971993
Tipo: Brochura
Número de páginas: 209

This concise handbook, taking a very practical and straightforward approach, is aimed primarily at biological and medical researchers. Step by step, it guides its readers through the communication principles and all technical aspects of preparing clear and effective illustrations for scientific publications of various kinds. Among the topics covered are drawings and diagrams, photographs, charts and tables, molecular graphics, types of graphs, graph design, the journal figure, slides, posters, computer graphics, and more. Most of the ample examples are chosen from typical biomedical and biochemical/molecular biological research procedures (e.g., DNA sequences, gel photographs). It is this specificity of addressing the illustration needs of scientists in these fields that distinguishes this hands-on manual from other works on visual communication and will make it a desk reference.

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