Evolutionary Biogeography: An Integrative Approach with Case Studies

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Emphasizing basic concepts, methods, and empirical examples, Juan J. Morrone provides an introduction to evolutionary biogeography, which uses distributional, phylogenetic, molecular and fossil data to assess the historical changes that have produced current biotic patterns. Morrone's book is the first to propose a comprehensive treatment of the developments and theories of evolutionary biogeography (rather than being partisan to only one approach), comparing available methods and discussing the appropriate time to use them. Case studies make it clear to students and scholars which method is best for the question they might answer.

Panbiogeography, parsimony analysis of endemicity, cladistic biogeography, and phylogeography are four recent and most commonly used biogeographic approaches. Many conceive of these methods as representing different "schools," but Morrone shows that they are able to address different questions in the various steps of an evolutionary biogeographical analysis. Panbiogeography and parsimony analysis of endemicity are useful for identifying biotic components or areas of endemism. Cladistic biogeography uses phylogenetic data to determine the relationships between these biotic components. Further information on fossils and molecular clocks can be incorporated to identify different cenocrons, and finally, available geological knowledge can help construct a geobiotic scenario that may explain how analyzed areas were put into contact and how the biotic components and cenocrons inhabiting them evolved.



"is well suited for any novice in the field of historic biogeography by providing a broad synopsis and very good introductions to each method."
– Basic and Applied Ecology

"Evolutionary Biogeography covers the scope of biogeography in a much more thorough and comprehensive way than any other textbook to date, providing a unique and most excellent contribution on the subject."
– John Robert Grehan, Buffalo Museum of Science

"Evolutionary Biogeography is a valuable contribution. Juan J. Morrone incorporates case studies that are both useful and interesting, providing a great compendium for an important area of scholarship."
– Glen M. MacDonald, Departments of Geography and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California, Los Angeles

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