Species Concepts and Phylogenetic Theory: A Debate

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Presents a debate among the top phylogenetic theorists about which classification approach may be best. Debaters include (1) Ernst Mayr (Biological Species Concept), (2) Rudolf Meier and Rainer Willmann (Hennigian species concept), (3) Brent Mishler and Edward Theriot (one version of the Phylogenetic Species Concept), (4) Quentin Wheeler and Norman Platnick (a competing version of the Phylogenetic Species Concept), and (5) E. O. Wiley and Richard Mayden (the Evolutionary Species Concept). The first part of the book presents each concept, the second part presents counterpoints to each approach, and the last provides rebuttals.

This is an important and valuable book, with the arguments coming straight from the horses' mouths. Even if readers do not change their minds, they will at least be better informed in their prejudices. Biologist This book focuses on the numerous controversies in phylogenetic theory and the underlying philosophies which are of importance to a diverse audience. Scientists, conservationists, and students of biology will find that this book provides a critical evaluation of the literature on this complex field. Southeastern Naturalist.

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Columbia University Press
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1 / 2000
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