Vegetation Description and Data Analysis: A Practical Approach

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Vegetation Description and Data Analysis: A Practical Approach, second edition is a fully revised and up-dated edition of this key text. The book takes account of recent advances in the field whilst retaining the original reader-friendly approach to the coverage of vegetation description and multivariate analysis in the context of vegetation data and plant ecology.

Since the publication of the hugely popular first edition there have been significant developments in computer hardware and software, new key journals have been established in the field and scope and application of vegetation description and analysis has become a truly global field.
This new edition includes full coverage of new developments and technologies.

This contemporary and comprehensive edition of this well-known and respected textbook will prove invaluable to undergraduate and graduate students in biological sciences, environmental science, geography, botany, agriculture, forestry and biological conservation.

  • Fully international approach
  • Illustrative case studies used throughout Now with new material including: the nature of plant communities; induction and deduction in plant ecology; the potential relevance of Bayesian statistical analysis; recent advances in methods of ordination and classification (cluster analysis) and links to spatial analysis; a comprehensive and up-to-date review of the wide range of computer software now available; the increasing importance of R-related software
  • Accessible, reader-friendly style
  • Now with new and improved illustrations
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2 / 2012
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