Sharks of the World


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Ever since the hit film Jaws, the terrifying image of the shark as a mindless killing machine has firmly imprinted itself on many of us. But with their large brains and extraordinarily keen sensory perception, sharks have a more sophisticated physiology than previously thought. Take a "dive" into shark-infested waters to watch and understand their behavior patterns. Very adaptive, they act in accordance with the demands of feeding and reproduction. The breeds range from the tiny (6 inches) Squaliolus laticaudus to the famed White Shark, who can measure 39 feet. Many live primarily on fish, though they will attack unfortunate humans who cross their path, as a number of stories recounted here prove. Incredible photographs offer a glimpse into the shark's wide jaws and toothy mouth, and of an incredible variety of species, including the handsome zebra shark, sand tiger, and nurse shark. An informative view of a much misunderstood creature.

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1 / 1998
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