Contributions to the history of herpetology, Volume 3

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Biographies of herpetologists. Last of three volumes. Volume one see [stock id 3810] and volume two see [stock id 28299]. This is the largest and final volume in this series. Volume three contains detailed biographies (with portraits) of 349 naturalists who have worked with amphibians and reptiles. Because many of these authors have also worked with other animals, this series is of broad interest to naturalists and booksellers alike. Among the persons included in volume three are Abbati, von Baer, Brehm, Ewart, Fatio, Forsskål, Galvani, Gosse, Gronovius, Houttuyn, Huxley, J. P. Müller, Nicander of Colophon, d’Orbigny, Pennant, Perrault, de la Sagra, Sturm, and Temminck. Details about these authors' books and other major publications are included, as well as biographical and bibliographic references. The index is comprehensive for the entire three-volume series, thus covering 786 full biographies and 190 mini-biographies; the index includes more than 5,000 entries. In addition, the two other chapters in the book (authors of new species; doctoral lineages) cover 5,290 and 5,562 persons, respectively. 

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Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles
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1 / 2012
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