Alien Invasion


Serious gardeners, ecologists, and natural history and botany buffs will appreciate this book on nonnative plants and animals that have become invasive pests. Written in typical National Geographic style, it includes personal narratives of scientists battling the invaders. There are also plenty of facts concerning the economic and ecological impacts of the 6000 nonnative species (such as gypsy moths, fireants, lamprey eels, and others) that are driving out native animals and plants. Nontechnical and readable, the book is divided into two parts: Part 1 details eight different invasive pests, while Part 2 describes efforts to fight them by organizations ranging from government agencies to private citizen groups such as the Nature Conservancy. Devine also briefly discusses imported garden flowers and foreign viruses. Highly recommended for public, high school, and college libraries.?Laura E. Lipton, Ctr. for Urban Horticulture, Univ. of Washington, Seattle

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National Geographic
Edição / Ano
1 / 1999
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