Reptile Biodiversity: Standard Methods for Inventory and Monitoring


"Authoritative and comprehensive--provides an up-to-date description of the tool box of methods for inventorying and monitoring the diverse spectrum of reptiles. All biodiversity scientists will want to have it during project planning and as study progresses. A must for field biologists, conservation planners, and biodiversity managers."--Jay M. Savage, San Diego State University

From tiny, burrowing lizards to rainforest canopy-dwellers and giant crocodiles, reptile populations everywhere are changing. Yet government and conservation groups are often forced to make important decisions about reptile conservation and management based on inadequate or incomplete data. With contributions from nearly seventy specialists, this volume offers a comprehensive guide to the best methods for carrying out standardized quantitative and qualitative surveys of reptiles, while maximizing comparability of data between sites, across habitats and taxa, and over time. The contributors discuss each method, provide detailed protocols for its implementation, and suggest ways to analyze the data, making this volume an essential resource for monitoring and inventorying reptile abundance, population status, and biodiversity. 
Reptile Biodiversity covers topics including:
• terrestrial, marine, and aquatic reptiles
• equipment recommendations and limitations
• ethics of monitoring and inventory activities
• statistical procedures
• designing sampling programs
• using PDAs in the field


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University of California Press
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1 / 2012
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