Evolution and the Recognition Concept of Species: Collected Writings

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Hugh E. H. Paterson's ideas on species and speciation--the process of evolutionary "branching" by which new species are formed--have become increasingly important to an understanding of evolution. Over the last 35 years Paterson has presented his research in a variety of scientific journals published around the world, many of which are not easily available in North America. Edited by Shane McEvey, Evolution and the Recognition Concept of Species brings together for the first time all of Paterson's work on species and speciation. In new introductions prepared especially for this volume, Paterson comments on each paper and describes its reception by other scientists.

From 1956 to the present Paterson has developed a widely known and respected research program on how speciation occurs. Paterson contends that speciation is not an adaptive process, but a passive consequence of the adaptation of intraspecific bonding mechanisms to a new environment. The conceptual basis of his research has come to be called the Recognition Concept of Species involving the Specific-Mate Recognition System. Evolution and the Recognition Concept of Species provides not only a collection of original source material, but also an annotated history of thedevelopment of a scientific idea.

"Evolutionary biologists, behavioral ecologists, ethnologists, animal behaviorists, ecologists, and systematists will want to read Evolution and the Recognition Concept of Species. Paterson's writings represent an interesting, original, and useful viewpoint on the species concept, but have been almost impossible to find until the publication of this book."--John Endler, University of California, Santa Barbara.

"Species concepts are central to all biology. Everyone interested in species and speciation should read Paterson's articles, and this book is a convenient place to start, because it brings together publications that may not be readily obtained in many libraries."--BioScience.

"The book is well-produced and its value is enhanced by the introductory Preface and notes to each of the chapters provided by Hugh Paterson himself."--Heredity

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/ 1993
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