Venomous Snakes of the World (O'Shea)

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This is a reformatted, redesigned edition of this popular title. Mark O'Shea has combined expertly written, in-depth descriptions of the world's most common and most exotic venomous snakes with a gripping account of his adventures with these creatures, including several serious snakebite episodes, that have taken place all over the world. From the few European venomous snakes, such as the Adder, to Rattlesnakes, Cobras, Taipans, Mambas and Seasnakes that inhabit other countries, all the major snake species are covered. There are also chapters that explain venomous snake evolution, types of venom, the effects of venom, and that discuss the problems with snake conservation. No matter how fearsome these creatures might appear, they all play a vital part in the natural world as both predators and prey. Illustrated throughout with spectacular photographs, many of them the author's own, this book celebrates the diversity and beauty of snakes worldwide.

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New Holland
Edição / Ano
2 / 2011
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