Neotropical Treeboas: Natural History of the Corallus Hortulanus Complex


Treeboas (corallus) occur over much of the neotropical mainland and on a number of islands. They are often conspicuous members of neotropical snake fauna, and are known for their irascible temperaments and, in some species, their highly variable color patterns. The Corallus hortulanus complex of treeboas comprises four species: 1)C. cookii on St. Vincent; 2)C. grenadensis on the Grenada Bank; 3)C. hortulanus in Amazonia, the Guianas, and Brazil's Atlantic forest; and 4)C. ruschenbergerii from southern Central America and northern South America. This book summarizes what is currently known about the natural history of each of the four species, with strong emphasis on C. grenadensis. Topics covered include color and pattern; habitat and habitat use; activity; food and foraging; predators and defensive behavior; populations; ecological relationships with other boids; and the connection between treeboas and humans. This hardcover book includes 27 graphs, 24 tables, 9 maps, and 9 black and white photos, plus 32 color photographs.

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Krieger Publish Company
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1 / 2002
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