Handbook of the Mammals of the World – Volume 2 Hoofed Mammals


Hoofed mammals include many families of large, well-known animals. In the second volume of HMW they are revealed in all their fascinating detail, in riveting accounts written by some of the most renowned authorities in the world. The species accounts supply complete and up-to-date information at a time when new and increasingly sophisticated methods of DNA analysis are reshaping our knowledge of these species; to give just one example, the family Bovidae has almost doubled its size in the last five years, to the 279 distinct species known today.


Family Orycteropodidae (Aardvark) # William Andrew Taylor
Family Procaviidae (Hyraxes) #Hendrik Hoek
Family Elephantidae (Elephants) #George Wittemyer
Family Manidae (Pangolins) #Philippe Gaubert
Family Equidae (Horses and relatives) #Daniel Rubenstein
Family Rhinocerotidae (Rhinoceroses) #Eric Dinerstein
Family Tapiridae (Tapirs) #Emlia Patrcia Medici
Family Camelidae (Camels) #William Franklin
Family Suidae (Pigs) #Erik Meijaard, Jean-Pierre d'Huart & William Oliver
Family Tayassuidae (Peccaries) #Andrew Taber, Mariana Altrichter, Harald Beck & Jaime Gongora
Family Hippopotamidae (Hippopotamuses) #Rebecca Lewison
Family Tragulidae (Chevrotains) #Erik Meijaard
Family Moschidae (Musk-deer) #Colin Groves
Family Cervidae (Deer) #Stefano Mattioli
Family Bovidae (Hollow-horned Ruminants) #Colin Groves, David Leslie, Brent Huffman, Raul Valdez, Khushal Habibi, Paul Weinberg, James Burton, Peter Jarman, Simon Hedges & William Robichaud
Family Antilocapridae (Pronghorn) #John Byers
Family Giraffidae (Giraffe and Okapi) #John Skinner & Graham Mitchell

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