Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia


In 2013 Colombia became the first country to reach a landmark 1900 species of birds – almost 20% of the entire world's avian diversity. Every year the figure increases.

With this book, the authors have tried to strip away some of the complexity of Colombia's unparalleled diversity to make a simple, fun and easy tool that anyone can drop in their daypack and use in the field. Moreover, they believe the broad appeal of a concise and simple format welcomes more newcomers to the fold and these are the birders and conservationists of tomorrow. All birds are illustrated, including confusing subspecies and many unrecorded species which may soon be discovered around Colombia's borders. A single cell brings together all the information for each species: illustrations, maps, text, fieldnotes, notes on voice, endemism and threat status.

All the publisher's profits from this book go towards the conservation of threatened birds in Colombia.

The second edition has expanded from 250 to 391 pages with 1300 species being repainted while an additional 50 new species have been added that are newly recorded in Colombia from just the past four years. The new guide also includes notes on where to find birds in Colombia and also several pages dedicated to mammals.

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Fundación Proaves de Colombia
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2 / 2014
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