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Beyond Cladistics: The Branching of a Paradigm

David M Williams and Sandra Knapp (Editors)

University of California Press, 1ª edição, 2010
ISBN: 9780520267725
Tipo: Capa dura
Número de páginas: 333

Cladistics, or Phylogenetic Systematics - an approach to discovering, unraveling, and testing hypotheses of evolutionary history - took hold during a turbulent and acrimonious time in the history of systematics. During this period - the 1960s and 1970s - much of the foundation of modern systematic methodology was established as cladistic approaches became widely accepted. Virtually complete by the end of the 1980s, the wide perception has been that little has changed. 

This volume vividly illustrates that cladistic methodologies have continued to be developed, improved upon, and effectively used in ever widening analytically imaginative ways.

This multifarious volume does a splendid job of reflecting the breadth and depth of fundamental questions about the methods of systematics and biogeography, from the practical applications of conservation biology to issues of wide interest to evolutionary biologists.-Dr. Norman I. Platnick, American Museum of Natural History 

"A fun and informative volume that everyone interested in the subject will enjoy. This book is full of important discussions on Botany, Cladistics, and Biogeography."-Vicki Funk, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution 

"The Branching Of A Paradigm is the intriguing theme of this volume on the myriad of ways cladistics has impacted modern biology. Surprises from floristics to recent thoughts on epistemology await the reader."-Dennis Stevenson, New York Botanical Garden

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Excelente estado de conservação. Livro sem uso, leve amassado nos cantos da capa dura.


Contributors vii Preface xi PART ONE: ON CHRIS Bibliography of Works by Chris Humphries 1 1 Chris Humphries, Cladistics, and Connections 19 David M. Williams, Kare Bremer, and Sandra Knapp 2 Ontogeny and Systematics Revisited: Developmental Models and Model Organisms 35 Stephen Blackmore and Alexandra H. Wortley 3 Rooted in Cladistics: Chris Humphries, Conservation--and Beyond? 47 Richard I. Vane-Wright 4 Do We Need to Describe, Name, and Classify All Species? 67 Quentin D. Wheeler 5 Floras to Phylogenies: Why Descriptive Taxonomy Matters 77 Sandra Knapp and J. Robert Press PART TWO: BOTANY 6 Island Hot Spots: The Challenge of Climate Change 91 David Bramwell 7 Endemism and Evolution of the Macaronesian Flora 101 Mark A. Carine, Arnoldo Santos Guerra, I. Rosana Guma, and J. Alfredo Reyes-Betancort 8 Early British Collectors and Observers of the Macaronesian Flora: From Sloane to Darwin 125 Javier Francisco-Ortega, Arnoldo Santos-Guerra, Charlie E. Jarvis, Mark A. Carine, Miguel Menezes de Sequeira, and Michael Maunder PART THREE: CLADISTICS 9 Monophyly and the Two Hierarchies 147 Olivier Rieppel 10 Beyond Belief: The Steady Resurrection of Phenetics 169 David M. Williams, Malte C. Ebach, and Quentin D. Wheeler 11 Monographic Effects on the Stratigraphic Distribution of Brachiopods 197 Gordon B. Curry 12 The Eukaryote Tree of Life 219 Diana Lipscomb PART FOUR: BIOGEOGRAPHY 13 Tethys and Teleosts 243 Peter L. Forey 14 East-West Continental Vicariance in Eucalyptus Subgenus Eucalyptus 267 Pauline Y. Ladiges, Michael J. Bayly, and Gareth J. Nelson 15 Wallacea Deconstructed 305 Lynne R. Parenti and Malte C. Ebach Index 321 About the Editors 335

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