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Phylogeography: The History and Formation of Species

John C Avise

Harvard University Press, 1ª edição, 1999
ISBN: 0674666380
Tipo: Capa dura
Número de páginas: 447

Phylogeography is a discipline concerned with various relationships between gene genealogies - phylogenetics - and geography. The study of phylogeography grew out of the observation that mitochondrial DNA lineages in natural populations often display distinct geographic orientations. In recent years, the field has expanded to include assessments of nuclear as well as cytoplasmic genomes and the relationships among gene trees, population demography, and organismal history, often formalized as coalescent theory. Phylogeography has connections to molecular evolutionary genetics, natural history, population biology, paleontology, historical geography, and speciation analysis.
Until now, no book-length literature has appeared on this emerging field. This book captures the conceptual and empirical richness of the field, and also the sense of genuine innovation that phylogeographic perspectives have brought to evolutionary studies.

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Preface I. History and Conceptual Background 1. The History and Purview of Phylogeography 2. Demography-Phylogeny Connections II. Empirical Intraspecific Phylogeography 3. Lessons from Human Analyses 4. Intraspecific Patterns in other Animals III. Genealogical Concordance: Toward Speciation and Beyond 5. Genealogical Concordance 6. Speciation Processes and Extended Genealogy Works Cited Index

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